Plea Options

You must contact the court regarding your citation on or before the appearance date located at the bottom of your citation. You can plead "not guilty", "guilty", or "no contest". You may enter your plea on the courtesy letter provided to you by the deputy.

"Not Guilty" Plea
-You are denying guilt of the violation of which you are accused. This will begin the process of a pre-trial hearing. You WILL have to come to court for your pre-trial hearing to meet with our prosecutor. You have the right to represent yourself or hire a lawyer. Your pre-trial hearing is typically two-three months after your plea date. You are allowed one reset for your pre-trial hearing. If an agreement is not met during your pre-trial hearing, your case will be set for trial.

"Guilty" Plea
-You are admitting to having committed the offense. You are waiving your right to trial. This means you are agreeing to take care of the citation. You can do that by paying the fees assessed, taking a driver's safety course, or requesting deferred disposition.

"No Contest" Plea
- You are not admitting fault or guilt. This plea has the same outcome as pleading "guilty".